Students at The Academy will take requisite courses such as 世界历史 and American 历史, 并将有机会选修系内的其他课程,如美国现代史, 尊重世界宗教, 和AP心理学. 

的基本哲学 社会研究 课程就是那种语言, 讨论, 反射, 想象力可以帮助学生发展理解和解释人类经验的技能. 课程要求学生通过对历史的深入探索,培养个人意识或积极的公民责任感, 心理学, 哲学, and the likes; the ability to understand the human experience outside of one’s own individual social and cultural context allows students to develop a conscience more suited to the multicultural world in which they live.